Virgo and Libra 2023

 Virgo: Virgo and ascendant Virgos, you are entering your week by standing in the background and with some reluctant energies, but as of the evening hours on Tuesday, the energy will return to your side. You may feel very active, happy, peaceful on Wednesday and Thursday, or life may flow more active these days. The positive aspect of Venus and Mars will wink at you on the issues you want to deal with in your business life. If your boss or the person you work with is of the opposite sex, this week supports you in terms of collaborations, conversations, negotiations, agreements with them. On the other hand, Mercury is retrograde in your love and child area, so you may have a little difficulty in enjoying life, or dealing with old loves and dealing with old issues over and over in your relationship with your child may be very tiring for you. Fortunately, the good news that will come this Monday will allow you to leave these troubles and problems behind. This week is very important becaus